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Hello my sisters and brothers i need to know

Hello my sisters and brothers I need to know if anybody on here went and had surgery for chiari at john Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland that where Im gonna have mine and I want all onist answers about everything during the surgery please .Im so scared and If you know a name of the best doctor there who has done a lot of the decompressing and taking out 10 cyst and taking out 1 and 2 vertabrays. please help me I need the infor on this whos the best doc there and will I be in a lot of pain ? and how long ? Is it worth it surgeryCan I get uo the next day? . please all information will help other wise day of surgery there gonna have to tie me up to get me to go haah no kidding ! ...blessings my friends............ love .Ricki Lynn

The other possibility might be a nuclear medicine CSF flow study (cisternogram) which is done with a lumbar puncture (LP) to administer the radionuclide tracer agent. I have had a CINE MRI and this was done without a LP. The imaging center staff administered the contrast agent via IV.