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Hello chiari peeps. Recovering from 2nd decompression surgery

Hello everyone,

I am new to the group and home recovering from a second decompression surgery. This one has been a rough recovery. Anyone in Houston?

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@Css2141 I’m new to the group & newly diagnosed with CM. I’m still trying to find a neurosurgeon to treat me that’s contracted with my insurance carrier & with one of the facilities I work for.
Do you mind if I ask what made you decide to have the surgery the 1st time? I’ve been trying to learn all I can so I can make the right decision if I have a choice. I’m about 30 miles East of Atlanta.


Im in fort worth going to see a neurosurgeon for a shunt. Hope your recovery goes smooth and well

My surgeon is the best in Houston. I spent a year trying to get diagnosed. Finally I researched myself for neurological dr and he popped up. He took one look at my films and explained what I had. He said surgery was the only fix. He said if I did not elect surgery he said the pain would continue and for certain get worse. Also that I would start experiencing neurological issue with hands feet walking and daily functions. He told me the pressure would continue to build. He said it was up to me and how long I could deal with the pain. The pain in the neck comes from everything getting jammed in such a small space. He drew out diagrams for me to show me how it should be and what was happening in my case. I went home and the pain continued and became unbearable. I booked the surgery within 3 weeks after being diagnosed. I couldn’t take the pain. I only had relief when I was lying down and I was taking so much medicine to cope. After surgery things were much better. I got occasional headaches but they were manageable with excedrine migraine. After surgery I did suffer with muscle spasms of the neck but I think that’s expected after they cut those muscles. It is a painful recovery but I feel like it was worth it. I hope this helps

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Thank you it is getting better each day