Hello Again!

Hey everybody,

If you don’t know who I am, I am an intern for Ben’s Friends. I am here to foster discussions and support you all! I do not have a CM, however, I had a brain tumor in the cerebellum and a lumbar shunt when I was young. I just got back from a beautiful backpacking trip in the Ansel Adam’s Wilderness and Yosemite, I also started my first full-time job! As a result, I have been pretty absent in our community.
One of the ways I foster discussions and interactions is by introducing new members to our community. While I was absent we got quite a few members, I am super stoked! I see that some members have taken to introducing themselves or posting for the first time, well done! I will be introducing you all to the rest of our community soon!


I was really excited to find this forum. I’ve felt so alone in my struggle with CM that I was getting really depressed. Just reading posts have made me feel not crazy. It has truly been a blessing :pray:


I am glad you found us! I realize how difficult it is to be alone. Even if you have a supportive family, friends, and doctors you can still feel alone. I ave found that just reading and knowing that their are other people like me helps with that feeling!