Heading to UCI hospital tomorrow

Hi to all of you CM friends… Hope your day is pain-free and clear-headed.

Thank you all so much for your support. I head to hospital tomorrow for a per-surgery angiogram to take a look at a vessel in the brain that blood flow gets cut off when my head is in certain positions…gives me those pesky “stroke-like” symptoms… know the words but can’t speak, right sided weakness, and then eventually almost pass out. I’ll be admitted to hospital after angio… Then scheduled for surgery Thursday a.m. C1-C5 fusion (I’m already fused C5 thru C7), repair CSF leak and pseudomenengecele at original Chiari decompression site, and cutting of nerves that run from neck up to the left and right side of skull (woo hoo… No more pain there after that’s done!)

I know that sounds like an awful list of stuff, but besides that I have been an incredibly healthy person. Lol! Looking forward to being that again. Since last October I’ve gone from walking my dog 3-4 miles a day to walking no more than 100 feet or so with a cane.

I know I have only been a member for a very short while. I was getting that nervous feeling I get before someone is about to cut into my body around the brain and/or spine when I found you lovely people online. Seems like friends and family look at you and feel sorry for you when you tell them what’s going on on a day to day basis. I, personally, feel like I need to talk about it sometimes, but do not like to burden friends/family with a situation they don’t understand and can do very little about. And I REALLY dislike being felt sorry for. You guys are incredibly wonderful because you KNOW what it’s like, are a wealth of information, and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. So, a thousand thank-yous for that to each of you.

So I’m sending all my healing love to each of you. I will try to check in as soon as comfortable to do so.

Oh, hey… Anybody have any experience with Dr. Johnny Delashaw?


Best wishes! I can't wait to hear back on your recovery! I'll be thinking of you and praying!

Thank-you. And sending extra loving to our moderators today! You are greatly appreciated!


Hello Laila,
Thinking and praying for you. I’m not familiar with Dr Delashaw but I am right around the corner from you! Had my surgery at Hoag. Best wishes and hope you recover fastest.

Best wishes for only the best recovery and results!