Headed to Surgery Aug.7th...looking for advice

Hi All,

I'm scheduled for my first decompression surgery on Aug. 7th and am feeling super anxious about it. I have a better than fantastic support system at home so I know I am very fortunate in that regard. My husband and family are here to help me 100%, so my question is this...

What should I do at home to prepare before surgery?

What should I bring to the hospital?

What can I/my hubby expect after surgery? How long did it take any of you to feel any better?

Any advice that anyone could offer would be SO appreciated!!!!!

Thank you!

In my case, I was released like the evening following surgery. I had neck stiffness of course and slight pain that was very manageable. As long as you keep your body moving as much and quickly as you can after surgery without overdoing it, you’ll probably see less downtime. I was back at college after 4 days, with a driver of course! Lol. Good luck to you!

I was out on the third day and the IV wasn’t taken until the night before,there was not much of my own things I really had to have you will wear the hospital gown until the IV is out.I just wore the clothes I had worn the morning I arrived.The bedroom slippers were about the only thing I really needed.If you get out within 3-4days there’s just not much needed.Good luck,glad you’re asking questions,the surgery was not as bad as the waiting.

Hi Sweetie,

I had my decompression surgery on July 3rd. I was in recovery for 6hrs trying to come out of the anesthesia and I guess my heart beat was slow & shallow on top of horrendous nausea to where I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow, all of which the surgeon didn't mention and said I would probably be in recovery only about an hour or so. By the time they finally got me to my room I was so nauseous I was dry heaving, the meds they were giving me weren't working. My mom who works in the medical field suggested Phenegran and the nausea went away. The nurses suggested no visitors since I was having a difficult recovery but luckily my boyfriend spent the 1st night w/ me. The sleeping pill they gave me knocked me out so hard I had fallen asleep w/ my neck kincked so when I woke up I couldn't move and my entire body was shaking the pain was so bad,. The nurse responded quickly w/ some pain meds and both her and my boyfriend eventually helped to calm me down. I also was unable to pee the 1st 24hrs, by the 2nd catheter I asked them to just leave it in overnight & I would try again the next day but it took to much out of me to continue getting up to try and go and not be able to. They removed it the next am & I was finally able to go.

I had the surgery 7:30am Wed and returned home the following Sat afternoon. They suggested I go home Friday but I knew I wasn't ready & they were completely open to me staying until I felt ready to go home. The staff of nurses who cared for me from the minute I woke up to the time I left were absolutely amazing & did everything they could to keep me at a comfortable pain level and were talkative, nurturing & very sweet. I don't mean to scare you & everyone's experiences are different but I feel like it was a bit sugar coated to me & looking back I wish I had known a little better what I might of needed to mentally prepare for....not that you really can until you experience it but I've heard much worse stories so I'm lucky it wasn't any worse. It was challenging & painful but not impossible.....you got this! I'm 2.5 weeks post-op & going stir crazy, I'm a very active person so this down time is hard. However this recovery is one where you have to listen to your body or you'll pay horribly afterwards. I have days when I think it can only get better & then the neck pain & ability to get comfortable is unbearable & I get discouraged. I hope the best for you & a very quick recovery & I again don't want to scare you, just inform you in case you run into any of these problems maybe my experience can be of some help? Be patient, tell your nurses if you need more pain meds or anything you need to assist in your comfort level, rest, listen to your body & definitely take it easy the 1st few weeks. It's easier said than done but I'm trying to stay positive & less stubborn! :)

Good luck and God Bless! I pray your surgery is a success and your recovery and healing time is quick and as wonderful as some of these other stories!