I am over 9 weeks post opt and my headachs are coming back they are coming more often and more intense every day I don't know what to do because i'm starting to have problems talking again. please help me


Sorry that you are having this pain...I would suggest you call your NS..I know it is a wekend and a holiday at that..but many offices are open tomorrow..try to give him/her a call.

As for my own experience...durung the 1st many mths after surgery I had headaches that were like the ones before surgery as well as new symptoms...the way my NS explained it to me was somwething like this..

" Your CSF flow was not flowing correctly for you enite adult life..possibly , you entire life..therefore it is going to take a while for your brain/body to adjust to the new flow...you may even experience new Sx's...but they should go away".

He was 100% correct in my case...and when you really think about it...it makes complete sense.

In your case, I would still let your NS how you are feeling.

keep us posted.

Hope you feel better...very, very soon!