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I feel like the most common symptom is headaches. Which I never get unless it’s after a night of drinking. Which is normal. Anyone else not suffer from constant headaches? I do have a slight pulling feeling from the back of my head at times.

Hi Donny, I wish I didn’t have constant head pain like you. Lucky! Lol

Just wanted to say that I don’t know if drinking headaches and Chiari are connected but I think it is possible. I used to drink socially on occasion without any issues until about 6 months before diagnosis. I started getting bad headaches after having a few beers and then one night I had a few too many. I was in bed with an excrusiating headache for two days (not normal for me)! After that night I couldn’t have one drink without being miserable. A month later I had sudden onset of head pain that hasn’t gone away since.

All that may have been TMI but my point is to pay attention to what your body is saying. I just don’t want you to experience the constant headache sooner than later (if there is a connection)



Wow, Donny, you are lucky as GiRam mentioned above. The body aches and nerve spasms I could deal with, although it’s becoming extremely annoying, but the headaches are just unbearable sometimes.
Whenever I drink now, i have to limit myself to the max because the alcohol is effecting me different than before. Never had hangover headaches or major issues, now, I can’t even have a margarita without spinning, feeling nauseous and having a pounding in my head that won’t let up.
Usually a one drink limit is good for me. It’s not always the best fun, we all like to have fun while drinking but knowing how I will feel that evening and next day(s) that follow…not worth it for me, personally.
My headaches and migraine typically last from several days to weeks depending on what’s happening. I started monitiring the barometer pressure using an app on my iPhone…when I feel crappy/have headache(s), I look at the app and it’ll tell me when the pressure is in my area and it usually explains my headaches. I’m noticing the ringing in my ear is becoming worse and gets inside my left eardrum area. Pressure related for me too I believe because it usually only affects me when I’m in the car driving through different elevations and what they weather looks like.

Chiarians tend or have a sixth sense when it comes to the weather, if you didn’t know. When the barometer shows high pressure and rising…it means a storm is coming. The high pressure set of headaches with some Chiari patients. It’s cool but sucks. Lol

Good luck with your journey! Best, Mark.

Here for the past month I’ve been waking up every morning with a headache worse than ever does anybody else have this I mean I always have a headache but these are worse

@Ericabak, I right there with you in the mornings!! I have changed pillows, no help there… nothing is helping! I get through the day but as the hours go by my headaches are almost unbearable by bedtime! I also have tingling in my arms, hands and fingers by bedtime too… this is horrible! I go to bed each night praying for a good day… I am sorry we are all going through this! I hope you’re feeling better! What can or do you take to help you?

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