Hello, Well, I am now on disability, I was having a hard time working,I am having a hard time excepting being on disability cuz, I enjoy working and meeting new people at work, but, I must take care of myself, that comes first. Does any one have a hard time eating crunching things? It hurts my head. just wondering if someone else has the same problem. I hope everyone has a great day,

Since,I was working I have vacation time to help me take some time off, Plus, I went to kaiser Medical Secrataries to fill out forms for my doctors to fill out and have them send it in to my job for my disability. Hope this helps take care.

I just received disability as well. It was hard to suck it up and admit Chiari was running my life, but not following through wasn’t going to help my family because I wanted my pride intact. I am not sure what all is in my records, but I applied in April and was awarded in June. First time around too. It’s unheard of. Oddly it has set me back mentally. We are blessed to know we will be able to make house payments and get groceries… But I’ve gone from being an odd version of me to disabled me. I’m not sure which is worse!

But the daily pain, the unfunctional me and inability to hold a job, it truly is a blessing. My Chiari is a 7mm and was told surgery won’t help the constant migraines or neck and shoulder pain… So I’m just medicating and living with it.

Hi -

I'm new to this forum and still don't have a firm diagnosis from my neurologist. My symptoms don't quite fit anything correctly.

My brain is "low" in the MRI according to the neurologist, but not necessarily enough to be a Chirari I and I also understand that is happens fairly often in asymptomatic adults.

I have several Chiari I matching symtoms, but I'm not sure my headaches are the right type and this is my primary pain. Could someone describe the type of headaches that accompany this condition. I have debilitating headaches that are closer to migraines in quality and are somewhat worse when I bend over, but are not affected by bending my head back and forth. Does the headache have to match this classic format or is there some variation in its quality?

Currently, I take 3 prophylactic medications daily for my headaches; 2 anti-seizure meds and 1 anti-depressant. These push back the headaches enough to function but it is not a long-term solution. I also have facial pain, ear fullness, symptoms of meinniers, dizziness(vertigo). My doctor is also considering a neuralgia diagnosis. But I don't match this either b/c I don't have the sharp pains associated with this. (Migraines as a primary diagnosis was ruled out due to sudden onset of this 24/7 condition 18 months ago with no history of migraines).

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i also had a hard time going on Disibility. I worked for the largest insurer in the US, when I became sick. Bam I was on Medicare & felt so guilty. I know that is why it's there, but I still fell like that's another part of my life that has changed. Crunchy things don't bother me. This heat wave & storms in Va. is killing me. I hope you are doing well.

Please let me know if you need anything,

Tracy Z.

I had my decompression surgery done on 8/912, I am doing much better, I went to p/t and he said my range of motion is doing great. he said the stiffness will go away it just takes time to heal.