Headaches, Loss of Balance , General Weakness

I have been diagnosed with Arnold chiari I 3 years ago in Italy , now I live in UK.
I have been suffering for my whole life of back pain and neck pain, and I have six protrusions on my neck, a rotation of the pelvis and a beginning of spondylitis.
It’s painful, no doctor could help me with this.
Recently I had for the first time a very strong headache, like stabbing pain , in different part of my head , and at the same time pain on my neck, shoulders and chest. The same week I feel on the stairs because I have lost my balance. I have already fell once on stairs, always losing my balance. I am only 29 years old.
The GP says it is not Chiari related and doesn’t give me any prescription. Anyone had these symptoms? Can someone tell me where is a center in UK or in Italy and if I can get financial help? I don’t work and cannot afford a private doctor.
Thanks x