Headaches causing nausea and sickness

Many of you post that your headaches cause nausea and vomiting and the coughing/retching makes the pain worse.

The solution for me as a migraine sufferer with the same issues is to take an anti-emetic at the first onset of the migraine which maintains normal gastrointestinal function enabling me to medicate the pain and shorten the duration of the migraine.

This leads me to wonder whether controlling the sickness would help your Chiari headaches and pain.

Has anyone discussed this with their doctors or had any medication prescribed? Does it help?

Please share your experiences.

The strain of throwing up does make the pain worse for me. I was just put on meclizine because i keep falling and passing out. I didnt realize how bad the dizziness and vertigo had gotten until they gave me something at the E R and i realized the floor and walls werent moving anymore.

Does anyone have other suggestions for managing headaches and the associated nausea/sickness?

We would like to include your first hand tried and tested tips on the site. Please share them here.