Head and Neck pain relief?

I am newly diagnosed. I can't seem to find any relief from my neck pain and headache at the back of my head. What helps you with this?


Hi, I too have a lot of head and neck pain assumed to be associated with Chiari. I also have a bulging disc between C5/6. In addition to the head/neck, I have significant shoulder pain (predominantly on my left side). My surgeon is unsure if this is related to the Chiari or my scoliosis correction. I will take Fiorinal (without Codeine) for pain and applying a cold compress seems to provide some relief as well.

Support, maybe a short term brace.
Ice and heat.
Never hurts to call your doctor and let them know what is going on with the painfull neck.
Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the responses. I’ve actually gotten some massages, and that seems to help. Neck pain seems to be my worst symptom (along with headaches).

Resting and sleeping, I find is the best non prescription I have found that works pretty well for me. Feel better soon.

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