Haven't been around lately

and I have no good excuse. I just haven't been. I'm home a lot and on the computer a lot.... just hanging out on Facebook and stuff instead of reading and posting here. ;)

I got my first rejection letter from SSI in December and I meet w/ Legal Aid on February 12 to file and appeal. I'm supposed to bring new medical records, but I HAVE no new medical records.

The NS that I saw will not recommend surgery. He said he'd give me as many referrals for a second opinion as I want and I could probably find someone to recommend surgery, but.... I don't seem like a very good candidate and since I don't WANT surgery anyway... that's kind of pointless. He'd DO the surgery if I wanted him to, but I don't think it would be a good idea to go w/ a NS that won't recommend surgery.

My regular MD wants to see me every 3-4 months just to check in, so that's where I stand now.... basically no where.

I can't really function, but I can't afford to take the risk of surgery. My pain isn't usually bad, but the fatigue is outrageous.... and no one knows if the fatigue would change... and....

I'm not sure if I'm looking for any brilliant ideas or just to vent. Having a rough time w/ a lot right now.

Since the end of July. We've been receiving welfare assistance since my ex left almost 5 years ago, but I was working part time doing child care also. I just CAN'T anymore though. Still on welfare (through disability now), but they are hassling me a LOT since I initially applied for a psych disability (not w/ SSI, but w/ welfare... for temporary relief) since at that time I didn't have current documentation on the physical side of my issues... even though I knew it would all come in time, I didn't HAVE time to spare.

Stupid question, but how do I document the neurological symptoms? What do you mean by that?