Have to send MRI disk to Chiari Institute. Will I get it back?

Hi. My dd12 was diagnosed Chiari Malformation last September. I havent taken her to a nl since but am in the process trying to find one that specializes in CM now. I am in the process of trying to get her an appointment at The Chiari Institute right now. They want me to send a copy of her MRI to see if she is a candidate. I have this weird anxiety about sending it to them. Will I be able to get it back? Can the hospital where she got the MRI make a second copy.? It is the only disk I have and I dont want to lose it.

Why do you just make a copy or go to a wal mart and have them make a copy for you?

Oh ok. I can do that? Lol.

You can always ask for them to send it back if you don’t end up making an appt, And the facility that did the MRI should make you another copy without issue. I called the hospital where I had my surgery last week to ask for another copy with no problem. If they want to charge you tell them it’s for continuing care. Best of luck at TCI. I just sent my MRI there yesterday :slight_smile:

Thank you.