Has not changed

OK back in August I had to change PCP's due to insurance reasons. Anyhow Saturday I had another MRI due to still having numbness, chest pains, vision problems, headaches/migraines are extremely worse, amongst other things. Several of the symptoms I did not have prior to being zipped. Seems like now that the problems I was experiencing post op were not due to the swelling and other normal recovery.

Anyhow I called the PCP regarding the MRI results of Saturday's scan and I was told nothing changed. Well the last scan I had at this hospital was the one that finally caught the 5mm + herniation. IF nothing has changed Do I still have a herniation?

Some other questions come to mind as well and they are as follows:
1. If I still have the herniation, should I go get another CINE MRI?

2. What can be done if there is CSF flow, first CINE said there was not any flow?
3. Doc B said he did not have to open the dura during the first surgery, could he have been wrong?
4. Could another surgery be in the works?

Good news is that I have an appointment on Thursday with the NL who found the CM, have not seen him since the discovery (insurance issues) and I follow up with the new PCP on 11-2 after having my functional capacity exam completed too.

Advice, please.

Hi Michael...if you dont mind my asking why didn't Dr. B open the dura? I am scheduled for my decompression next Monday and he told me absolutely he would be ding the dura...my herniation is 20 mm does the size matter? I am sorry you are still struggling and hope that you strt to feel better...mj


I just wanted to offer my experience, though I could be off. Three months after my decompression I began having the same terrible symptoms. CT's and MRI's looked fine. Finally I went back to the ophthalmologist due to recurring double vision. Long story short...hydrocephalus...again. Apparently I have extremely small ventricles that appear normal when the are actually enlarged. I ended up with an emergency shunt placed. Although it did not fix everything, I got to keep my optic nerves! You are in my thoughts...


I am not doing that much at all. At first I was trying to test my limits and it caused some stress in the family but lately or for at least the past 6 weeks I have not done anything physical at all except for PT and the symptoms were their prior to the PT. Stress which could be a factor was high when lil Alyssa was born and in NICU but she has been home for about a month or so now so I am completely baffled by the recurring symptoms.

I return to see the ophthalmologist later this year early next year. She wanted all of the swelling and inflammation down before I came back to her. She did say I would have vision problems due to the swelling and inflammation around the optic nerves but they should decrease as the swelling goes down, I am sure most of the swelling is down but I still have the problems. I hope it is not hydrocephalus, my brother has it and will not get it treated. Should the MRI show hydrocephalus?

He said he did not have to open the dura. He said he was able to restore flow without opening it. I thought it was weird but hey I have no MD degree. Hopefully the NL will have some answers


Thanks for the input. I was at the NL today and I asked him about the hydrocephalus specifically and he said no but there is still a tiny bit of swelling at the surgical site. So that is good, I think. Baby Alyssa is doing great thanks for asking, if you haven't checked them I upload some pics of her and the girls from not too long ago.

Take care


I went to see the ophthalmologist about two months after my decompression surgery and the swelling was almost completely gone. About a month later I went back, after experiencing symptoms again, and the swelling had returned to its previous condition. My MRIs have always been "normal" but when they opened me up to place the shunt, the pressure was extremely high. Their explanation was that I have very small ventricles, so when they are enlarged the look normal on MRI.