Has anyone had experience with Dr. Patel @ MUSC?

Good morning all,

I am so thankful for the information you have provided. I was diagnosed two weeks ago with a minimal Chiari malformation. I'm still waiting to hear back from Dr.what minimal means.I have many of the sxs described by all of you.

I am now looking for neurosurgeon with Chiari experience. I was told by ins.company there were some in my area(S.C.) Has anyone had experience with Dr. Patel @ MUSC. His office tells me he has done many decompression surgeries.

Hi, I just joined this forum and was looking for others in the Charleston area with Chiari. Did you see Dr. Patel? What was your experience? I saw him in September and he confirmed my Chiari but basically gave me his card and said if I need the surgery down to road to call his office. I don't have any severe symptoms right now but I felt rushed as he was already an hour behind schedule that day. My herniation is 11mm with moderate crowding. I live in Goose Creek btw.

razzle51 said:

dr Rosner is another chiari expert close to yall . he is in North Carolina