Had my neurological appointment today

I had my neurological appointment today. It was originally scheduled for suspected MS. I asked him about the tonsillar prolapse. He acknowledged Chiari but said he wanted to put it on the back burner for now because the herniation was minimal. He did scheduled me for an mri with and without contrast of my thorax and cervical spine.

Also when doing his exam he did mention that I didn’t seem to have a reflex response in my left arm and hand or right hand.

He was very friendly and seemed genuine. He asked me a ton of times if I had questions. I was so nervous I think I froze. I had all kinds of things I wanted to say, and then I lost them at the appointment. I had to drive myself an hour to the appointment. Driving always causes a bad headache. And it was 3pm, and by then I am exhausted anyway. I’m going to schedule an early morning appointment next time. Maybe I’ll feel up to asking more questions.

Bringing notes to a doctors' appointment is a good idea, as your mind can be wiped absolutely clean if you get any surprising or upsetting news. It is hard to process things at an appointment. Taking a second person along is a good idea, too, as that person can takes notes on the doctor's responses while you give your full attention to the doctor.

I am glad your doctor had a nice way about him, and minimal herniation certainly sounds like positive news.

My Chiari was also found when being looked at for MS. Luckily, it sounds as though your doc is willing to discuss it all with you! I have a binder that I carry with me to all my appts. It has copies of all of my MRI's, reports, and tests that have been done. I also have a notepad in there for me to jot down questions for my doc. Our memory isn't that good with Chiari, so if I don't write it down right when I think about it....it's gone! LoL! Good luck and keep us posted!