took Katrina out of school today to see pediatrician. Went to in-laws stayed for a while longer than I wanted and I won't mention names 1. knew I did not want to stay long cause I had to go to the farmers market and 2 blamed me as the reason for staying so long.

Ok I can handle this up until we get home and I check the answering machine this is where I get $%^&^&*&^%#$$%^&^ (use you own translation).; 1 NEW MESSAGE..I figure it is Katrina's little girlfriend calling and say come over so we can play WRONG it is a message from John Hopkins...."Hi this is Dr. ............... calling for Michael Salasky. I have received your results from the CINE MRI. I will try again later."


did you win? as I am losing this game this time around, grrr

Aw man, sorry. I hate the phone tag with doctors. I hope he calls back soon! Let us know what he says!

Oh No....I am so sorry. I know how long you have been waiting.

Ugh!!! I too have this same kind of luck!! Damn inlaws!!! Well I hope the phone tag ends soon!