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Great Scott! I've done it! I've found the perfect "pillow"!


So I’ve been on the hunt for a good pillow even before my surgery. Everything felt like 8 might as well be resting my head on a rock. Then I remembered. Last year, I found this brand of plushies called squishmallow. I saw them at Walgreens and they were so soft I just had to get one. It was only an 8" one but I find it comforting to just hold. They’re so soft, I’ve never felt something so soft. So today I went back to Walgreens and bought one of the 16" ones. I figured it should make a good pillow, it was worth a try. So now I’m lying here with a stuffed giraffe for a pillow and my head has never felt better! I don’t think these photos do it justice, you’ll have to feel them for yourself! Here’s a link to their website where you can find a list of retailers



LOL, you’ve made my day! Best wishes to you and your BFF Jerome (the giraffe).

Seenie from ModSupport