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Good Grief 😔 having a really hard time


This Pain in my neck and head is horrible I can barely lift my head, idk what to do, my Primary care Dr doesn’t think chiari is painful, she’s not any help, it’s hard being in this much pain and needing some kind of treatment and getting shrugged off, this exhasberation in symtoms happens every couple of years , theres a lump at the c7 area of my spine , the pressure is pushing up on the back of my head and pushing pain into my left shoulder and arm, I have weakness in my neck it hurts to hold my head up…I’m going to go to the emergency room , I can’t take the pain I’m in and I know something is wrong … someone needs to look and see what’s causing this …I need help …I’ve tried to treat this at home
Extra strength Tylenol
Numbing patches
Icy hot
CBD oil
Cannabis salve
Nothing is helping…today’s my day off but I hope back to work tomorrow