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Gonead Chiropractic?


Please offer advice or opinions about Gonead chiropractic help. My great friend is insisting her chiropractor in NY swears it’ll heal my 11 yr old. But neurosurgeons are not approving…obviously I want what’s mist comfortable and reliable. Aloha, Gina


Very few people are aware of Chiari especially chiropractors. With the disorder effecting the area of the spine and brain I would listen to my neurosurgeons.


Hi Gina, a quick search of past discussions here shows that the subject of chiropractic has come up alot in the past.

Of course you want your daughter to be the most comfortable and to have the least invasive treatment, that is completely understandable. I think myself, as Mike says this involves the brain and spine, I'd be guided by my neurosurgeon/neurologost/pcp. And I have what I call "the question" which I apply to any treatment or condition, quite simply:

"if (chiropractic) cured/healed/treated (Chiari Malformation) would everyone not know about it and for it be the gold standard treatment?"