Going in for surgery

Going to surgery for decompression. June 10th. Nervous and scared at the same time. I can't wait for it to get here but at the same time ...no rush!. What should I expect?

Just wondering.

It’s hard to say. How bad is it? Mine was really bad. I was in icu for about 4 / 5 day and hospital for about days. But my daughter had gers on a Tuesday and was out on Thursday back to school in 2 weeks. All depends.

I understand how u feel. I was in the NICU for 3 days then went to a room for 4 days. But I had a lot of problems I really think it’s up to your body and your doctor and your care at the hospital. I wish u the best of luck. But the one main problem that sent me back to the hospital was a CSF leak. That is only thing I had trouble with that kept me there for 2 months.

I had decompression surgery on April 1st. It is scary!! I will tell you my experience but keep in mind everyone has a different outcomes. I woke form my surgery in extreme pain the worst I have ever experienced. They could not get my pain under control even with morphine, Norco & Oxy, 2 days after my surgery they stopped the morphine and it helped some we finally got the pain in a more controlled state with me ONLY taking 1 Oxy every 3 hrs. for the first 3-4 days following my release. I was released on day 4 after my surgery. I cut the pills back to every 4 then 5 then 6 hrs and 2 weeks after my surgery went to Tylenol arthritis every 4 hrs and only oxy at bedtime. On week 3 after my surgery I stopped the Oxy and went to Norco only at bedtime and at week 4 only Tylenol arthritis at bedtime. Now I am only taking Tylenol arthritis as needed. The dr told me he wanted me to walk up to a mile everyday and I got a step counter on my phone and I did just that walked up to a mile a day every day and increased as I felt better. I rested a lot the first 4 weeks and increased activity as I got stronger. I added a little more and a little more each week. No lifting, cleaning or bending for at least the first 3-4 weeks following. I didn't drive for 6 weeks because the neck muscles were still so stiff & sore. Started driving again last week and went back to work for 8 hrs a week last week as well. I still have pain and I am still healing. My energy levels are starting to return to better than normal however I still tire easily so I have to watch my activity and not over due. I am going to start up my yoga again this coming week and have found a great stater one on youtube.

Good luck and I hope your surgery goes as well as I feel mine did!!

You can expect to wake up being around people that care about you very much! You can expect to take your time, relax, smile, rest, and not rush anything! You can expect to be on top of your pain Meds, and not be afraid to ask for more before you really start to hurt! You can expect to stay strong for the people that look up to you! You can expect to return to this website where your comrades are waiting to smile with you and to comment on a job well done! You can expect that whatever the outcome is, good or bad, that you, and the rest of us were given this task not because we did something wrong or deserved it, but because we are the only ones who can handle it!! You are going yo do just fine, just a walk in the park!! With all my love and prayers, God bless!!


I am going for my 6 week postoperative appointment today, I had a 16mm hernation. The first 2 weeks are rough just like everyone said take your medication and if it’s not working tell your doctor. In my experience I was surprised I couldn’t open my mouth hardly at all! Brushing my teeth was almost impossible and the first week chewing was difficult.The pain from the surgery would wake me up out if my sleep like clock work for the first week, which surprised me I thought I would sleep all night I was wrong. I can tell you it does get better everyday! Hang in there and rest and before you know it you’ll be feeling better! I was fortunate enough not to have any additional complications just the initial surgery pain. I feel so much better now, I’m hoping to return to work on Monday. The surgery was totally worth it, the short term pain was worth the outcome. I pray you have no complications and you have the strength you need after your surgery to get through the first 2 weeks. I can’t wait to hear your recovery story!