Going back to the gym?

Hey everyone,

I'm 7 weeks into my surgery and finally going back to work tommorrow september 5th 2012, and I'm looking forward to it. But I'm wondering when it would be a good time to go back to the gym? Is 7 weeks to early to go back? I wasn't planning on lifting weights or anything, probably just doing the eliptical and the bike. But is 7 weeks into recovery too soon for working out? When would be a good time to go back? Any suggestions?

Make sure you have a release from your doctor before you start back at the gym. Everyone is different and if you feel well enough to exercise and have your medical release, go for it!! You may want to take it slow and don't push yourself to hard. Good luck returning to work tomorrow! Have a great day :)


I’m a week post op and already itching to go back and lift! I won’t yet, but the idea of just doing the bike or elliptical bores me to death.
My ns gave me no limits once 4 weeks post op hits. He said listen to your body and don’t be ignorant to the fact that you did just have major surgery. Do what feels good and add more bit by bit.
I usually curl 25lbs and was given a 10 lb weight limit until my 4week follow up. He told me curling 5lb weights would be fine in the meantime. He also said Pilates would be good. It strengthens the trunk, back and neck without using forcible resistance.
So maybe start with some lighter weights at home and Pilates until you feel like you would be comfortable back in the gym.
Or heck, just try the gym. You never know what’s going to work for you if you don’t try it!
I feel like my response is all over the place. Sorry! I’d blame chiari brain, but it’s all gone!

Kaye, congratulations on your successful surgery. Hope your return to work was uneventful.

it is waaaay too soon for you to be going to the gym. Straining of any kind can recreate old problems. I don't know how long is ideal to heal, but I tried vacing, digging, cleaning a month after my surgery - and paid for it with head pains, vertigo and thorough exhaustion, etc. It's six months since my surgery, and I'm normally a very active person. However, I've learned to take it easy. Okay, so my house isn’t up to par and my flowerbeds weedy and rose bushes desperate for a prune, but …… I'm pain free.