Getting other doc's to look at scans

Hello all!

I have come across several posts where members here have sent their children's scans to other neurosurgeons for their input....could you tell me how you go about this? Do you call and talk to a nurse about it? Do they charge you? Any advice would be wonderful!

Thank you!


Every practice has a different routine. In general, find an MD you would like to see. Call their office. Some will review MRIs to assess whether the patient is appropriate to be seen in their office. Some will require a visit to see them to review films. I don't know of any neurosurgeon that would make specific surgical recommendations based on images only. The physical examination is an integral part of the patient evaluation(as is hearing their story in their own words).

So, if you are asking for a re-read of the MRI, that may go down the radiology pathway. If you are asking for a neurosurgical opinion, that would need to go through their office and almost always require an office visit(if they see nothing surgical, they may send you to a neurologist).

Some practices will charge for any neurosurgical review(even to just see if you are an appropriate pt). Most won't charge(but may not even review the images without an appointment).

Hi JoAnn! Due to post operative complications, I did send my daughter's scans to NIH and Cornell-Weill to get second and third opinions on her treatment plan (she had a pseudomeningocele). I called ahead (and emailed as well) and both neurosurgeons and their staffs couldn't have been more helpful. The doctors called me personally to discuss her scans and treatment plan (they both agreed with our neurosurgeon which brought much peace of mind to my family). There was never even a whisper of a fee for their time.

However, in my case this was a postoperative review of scans. I agree with Dr. Trumble that if you are looking for a second and third opinion for surgery, the neurosurgeons would probably want to see your child in person.