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Getting Into a Doctor

Hey guys I have CTs and MRIs that are going back and forth as far as my diagnosis of Chiari. My body is going crazy with all my symptoms. Dizziness, nausea, balance issues, ringing in my ears, pain in the back of my head, major headaches, numb arms hands feet and legs, muscle weakness, memory problems, cognitive issues, swallowing issues, and after a while of talking my voice goes away. I have had all these symptoms off and on plus more for many years now. All the neurologist I have been seeing don’t believe it is Chiari because my decent is not that bad, it is only a 4.
I have said all of that to ask this. Do any of you think one of the specialty centers would see me even though my decent is not that far down? I know they are all about surgery, I am just tired of this evil controlling my life.


Time to push to see a neurosurgeon. If you already have and were dismissed, time for a follow-up or see a new one. My last neurologist (I saw 5) was convinced that my Chiari (11 mm) was not contributing to my symptoms (all that you listed and more as I am sure that you have too!). I badgered him into sending me on to a neurosurgeon who then performed surgery. I repeat again that neurologists are not able to deal with Chiari. Pressure on the brain, spinal cord and structures within the foramen magnum does not seem to go away on its own!



Gabby I am so glad you are on this support group as you are one of the main ones that responds to people. I hope throughout my journey I too will have good advice to carry on to others. I worked all day today finding a neurosurgeon on my insurance so I will call him first thing in the morning. This whole thing just makes my depression worse oh yeah which is another symptom :crazy_face:

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