Fun With Meds and Insurance

Ugh! What an awful day! Has anyone had a reaction to ENDOCET? The pharmacy substituted Endocet for Oxycodone and it turns out that I am allergic to a filler in the med. I have never heard of this but when I started to take the Endocet my eyes turned blood-red. I looked startling! The doctor gave me another script for Oxycodone - as written - so I would get the brand name and I gave her the rest of the Endocet back to her and asked her to dispose of it (I have a teenager that just got out of drug rehab). BIG MISTAKE! I should never have done that.

I took the perscription to the pharmacy thinking they would fill it (I have been taking Oxy for almost 2 years now...) and there they told me I would have to wait 7 DAYS until I would be able to have this filled. They had them call the doctor and the insurance and because Oxy is a controlled substance they had to do a prior authorization. GREAT. The pharmacy called later and said they couldn't get ahold of anyone who could help so...I am withou any pain medication. WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE - 2 hours of sleep tops that night. Now that wouldn't be so bad but the Endocet had not been working so now I haven't had much sleep for about 2 weeks. :(

Next day I call the nurse line (because it is Saturday) and they give me 4 tablets of Vicodin (hydrocodone) to get me through the weekend (which doesn't work well either). Monday morning the pharmacy calls and tells me the prior authorization has been denied and my doctor won't be back in the office until Wednesday. So now I am without pain medication again. knowing how awful this is I am panicing. Luckily I was able to get some Vicodin from my MIL.

Now it is Wednesday and I call the insurance company. They tell me that everything is fine and I should be able to get the Oxy filled. I go to the pharmacy to pick up the perscription and they tell me I still have 2 days to wait. (Eyes start to water...) I call the insurance company again and they tell me to call the doctor. (Starting to cry now...) Talk to the nurse and tell her the story (AGAIN) and she says she will have to call me back. I am sitting in the pharmacy crying now ao I go out to my car to try to compose myself.

After a long afternoon of waiting and another call to the doctor and another bout of tears, the nurse calls back and says that the dr has written another script for Vicodin (hydrocodone)

Whew! That was a long post! To was a crappy day!

Oh my gosh what a struggle! I can relate... It has been a month since I could work and I *still* have not been able to get in to see a neurologist/neurosurgeon. My job is on the verge of firing me since no one will fill out my short term disability paperwork. I haven't had a paycheck in a month. This is INSANE!!!