I'm so frustrated..

You know before I got my Chiari diagnosis everyone was so concerned about me, and understanding.. Mostly because they all thought I was going to end up having brain cancer (runs in the family) but since the Chiari was found, its like no one but my mom thinks its serious, or even cares that this is happening to me.. and its not necessarily that I want sympathy from anyone, I just want the important people to understand.. For instance my significant other.. He watches the pain I'm in, but honestly doesn't take any of it serious. He still expects me to go on his jobs when I'm not at my own job, and help him lift 70lb limbs , and throw them on trailers, he doesn't understand that I shouldn't be doing those things.. Not only that...

My first appointment with the NS was in early December of last year.. it is now February and I haven't went. We kept pushing it back each month because he refused to work with me on saving the money to go.. and honestly everytime I said something ; He would say " I hurt everyday, and I don't go to the doctor"

I know it seems like I'm just bashing my SO, but its not so much him, just being frustrated period because I still haven't seen the NS. My next set appointment is the 25th of this month, I was supposed to be finalizing all my insurance today, and just realized it won't be effective until next month. So once again I have to push it back :/

Sorry to vent.. but maybe someone here understands my frustration.

If your still reading this. Thank you for caring enough to listen to my bitching :-)

My mom has been very supportive, and has researched it, but even then still doesn't quite get it, but god love her she tries.

the SO would most likely not even look at it if I brought it to him. He says I research too much, along with a few other people. Basically hinting around that my symptoms would probably go away if I'd stop reading about it.. LOL if only that we're the truth.

I am almost excited to see the doctor, so they can have a taste of "Their foot in their mouth"..

At one point my SO accused me of making it all up, and giving myself the diagnosis.. That's when I called my doctor and requested my MRI results, and put it right in his face.. I said "Here's the proof you needed so bad" he felt bad after that.

What's bad is he is the one person who has witnessed me at my worst days.. He knows how bad it gets.. Yet is still in denial.


I greatly greatly appreciate you telling me your story, and giving me advice! It is stressful to have the negativity around, I hope after my appointment maybe he will get out of denial, and understand a little more. If not, an alternative may be considered.

Thank you all for your comments and advice!

I hope you get to got o your appointment! Although I don’t understand your situation as it is not similar to mine I will pray you get some compassion and understanding with what you are going through. It really helps to have that support. Have you tried showing him things on the chiari to educate him.