Frustrated with my pcp

Does anyone take Valium? Isn't it a drug to calm you down? My Dr prescribed Valium as well as a beta blocker for me to take! He still doesn't think that the Chiari is causing my problems but I did get him to refer me to a Dr. that is a Chiari specialist! He said He reviewed all my test and symptoms and thinks that I either have a migraine variant or an allergy to wheat and dairy! I think he is crazy

I do not take Valium or beta blockers - however, I am in the mental health field where those are both prescribed very often. It sounds like your PCP is not treating your physical problems and is trying to treat you as if you have anxiety. Valium is used as needed for anxiety disorders, and beta blockers are usually used for Panic Disorder (aka panic attacks) which are primarily used to stop the racing heartbeat associated with panic attacks. Check with your insurance and make sure you absolutely need to have a referral. If you do not, make an appointment with a neurosurgeon! Bring your MRI films, or whatever other diagnostic testing you have, and make your case. Be your own advocate - it is very easy for doctors to write us off. I am not doctor bashing, but it took me 4 doctors in order to be taken seriously. It can be very frustrating - we all definitely understand what you're going through!

My husband has been on Valium since a week prior to his surgery, not for anxiety, but as a muscle relaxant. He still takes it at night (4 weeks post op) and he takes it when he knows he's going to be in a situation where he may ened up with pain in the neck area (i.e. before a MRI).

Valium was developed as a Muscle Relaxer. It also works for anxiety. I take it as needed & Klonipin as a Muscle Relaxer 3 times daily. I would definitely find another Dr. No one works well with everybody. Did your Dr. or the Chiari Specialist say he thinks you have a Variant Migraine or Allergies?

I get lots of chuckles when I say this.....but I saw 52 Specialist in four years before I got to the right one. I was even told to see a psychiatrist by an ENT that had been practicing for 30 years. I will leave the crazier stuff out. It all boils down to most Dr's & specialists are not educated enough about Chiari Malformations and Treatments. We suffer needlessly, unless we have a National media outlet that helps educate the general public & the Medical Industry. A few months ago several of us sent requests in to talk shows trying to get the word out about CM. I have talked to Scott & Ben about an awareness letter being developed, that we can print and give to our Dr's and mail to every Specialist that treats CM. We are all frustrated with you...I Promise !!!!

It is my primary Dr. who thinks it is something else and not the Chiari! I have been sick non stop basically the 1st of june and with all the testing that I have had done they have found nothing but the Chiari but my primary Dr. and my NL both say thats not is causing my problem! I said to them both if that is the only thing that keeps coming up and it's not the problem what is? Of course they both say they have no clue!