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Foods post surgery

Hi there
I’m looking for some suggestions and ideas on types of food to prep before my decompression surgery in June. Looking for holistic healthy and Easy to prep meals.

Also I’ve read that quiet a few people have experienced nausea after the surgery. I’m just curious on how you ended up getting nutrients in to the body if you couldn’t keep it down?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated please. And thank you.

A lot of yogurt is good it get some with probiotics. Ensure drinks things like that were easy to keep down for me. Also I was able to eat very soft foods like toast and other bland foods. Mac and cheese was my favorite to eat.

Hi @amandacisewski
Thank you so much for replying to my post. It’s seems like a silly thing to be worrying about looking towards the surgery. I just want give my body the best chance of recovery so if that means all I eat is yogurt then that’s what I’ll do :rofl: thanks again.

Not a silly thing to worry about at all! I think it’s great to plan and anything you can plan will give you some reassurance and help calm anxiety. Early on after surgery (when I still had nausea) I found soft fruits really great (I craved them!). I found melon a wonderful snack for when I didn’t want to eat too much. Easy to prepare and eat, nutritious, hydrating and sweet. Can also give a thumbs up to yoghurt - I liked plain Skyr (good protein) - with honey. I also loved pasta with cream cheese and broccoli - again easy to prepare. I avoided anything too dry early on as I worried it would make me cough if it caught in my throat. My other advice is to eat really well now and exercise as much as your body (and lockdowns!) will let you. Going into surgery as healthy as you can be will aid your recovery too. x

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