Food Aversions & Allergies

This is completely random I’m sure, but does anyone with chiari have multiple food allergies, sensitivities, or aversions? My doctors have thought I have a condition called EoE (for short), which results in food getting stuck in your throat. I now have over 42 foods I cannot eat, & have had an esophageal dilation. But I’ve read in this forum about some people have trouble with swallowing. Just wondering if there is any proven connection, maybe I don’t have EoE.

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I had my surgery craniotomy with dura patch with C1 and C2 cut down in 2016. Without going into this topic too deep( never have been the same for almost 7 years now) but I have recently diagnosed with EOE as well. I wondered if a connection too. Would love to find out if there is a correlation!! Interested

Also before the Coronavirus was out and about…I had scope done in Dec 2019. Pathology showed EOE. Doctor said let’s do 8 weeks of a PPI ( inflammation) . He already stretched my esphogus. I was one day from another scope and due to virus hospital closed to do it. My problem is food getting stuck…belly is descended randomly. Regurgitation alot with bile after meals or just whenever my body does it . For years it has been in play. In July of 19 is when I said what the heck. Then made appointment for Endo. So if he did go down as it was supposed to be scheduled…what step do they do next of you don’t mind me asking? They haven’t done allergy testing yet? Thank you

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Oh you definitely need allergy testing! Until you can get in, start a food journal. Try to eat very simple meals, like baked chicken & a baked potato, no seasoning. This will make it much easier to start identifying what is making you ill. Also, try avoiding the 8 major allergens, then add back one at a time to see how you react. I have NO reflux issues since I eliminated my allergens & trigger foods. That is actually how I can tell I’ve developed a new allergy. Some foods are immediate reactions, some are 12 hours later. So log that too. Also, do you take a daily allergy pill? That helps lessen the reactions; I take Claritin. Hope this helps, you WILL feel better!! Message me if you have any other questions. :grin:

I also just found out I have EoE in early March and have been struggling with nasal regurgitation. I am waiting to get my throat stretched this summer. I also have a gluten sensitivity that causes a distended stomach and stomach cramps but find that even when completely eliminating gluten I still get a “food baby” and heartburn almost every night.

I would say you definitely have other food allergies & sensitivities then! Try journaling what you eat, then the reactions you have & how long afterward they occur. Some of my foods took 12 hours before I had reactions! And ask for skin allergy testing, not just the blood test. They can test more at once this way.