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What Do You Do?, When You Find Out (or Figure Out), That Day Will Never Come?...

G'Pa Jack

It takes a long time to come to terms with that revelation. I tell everyone I had to mourn the person I was and rise like a Phoenix and learn to accept the new me with limitations. If you live daily thinking about what you have lost it will be a very hard existence. It's very hard for many people, but very important. I have been ill since 2001 and it took me a long time to work through this Journey and accept my changes.

Again...Great Question. Thank you for asking.

Tracy Z.

I think I missed the link on this

I thought that the decompression surgery would change my life around in a positive way but it didn't. My headaches are very few and far between I have constant neck pain. I have fibromyalgia which contributes to the pain but I feel like people think I am just complaining because they always tell me the stories of people they knew who had the surgery and they were able to return to a normal life. I try to just block it out and remind myself that I am not the same as everyone else and I am trying to accept the pain on a daily basis.

I've been very blessed to have few restrictions post-decompression. I do have days that seem more symptomatic with my Chiari and some other unrelated conditions and on those days I just do what I can. If I feel at all able I like to get outside and hike the trails at my local parks. Being in nature seems to improve my mood. If I'm having a hard day I stay in bed and read books or watch my favorite tv shows. Honestly I try to just accept that some of the things I'd like to do just won't be possible. I try not to compare myself to other people or even my former self.