Flexion/Extension MRI

Oh boy, as some of you already know my NS sent my NL a hospital message that was meant for her (NS). So, I did return a message explaining the situation in greater detail and requesting an appt with her (NS). She finally did respond by saying that a CINE MRI would not be particulaly helpful, but a flexion/extention might be if there is an issue at the cranial cervical junction. So, I am half satisfied. Happy for this MRI but upset that they dont want a CINE....when I have so much pressure is the hole in the back of my head. I have a agood frrling that this is going to be a waste of time.

I apologize for bumping this back up. I see it has gotten several views, but not one response. So, I am assuming not many of you have had one of these MRIs. I am just curious about what she is looking for with this and what this kind of mri shows?

Thanks Emmaline,

I did google it and it looks like it will be a good indicator if there are any structural issues, instability and possibly flow issues. It is a upright MRI. I wasn't too thrilled at first, but I hope this can answer some of my questions. It's nuts too HOPE there is something wrong. I just want "something" to show so we can fix it and I can start to feel somewhat normal again. Lol


I have had a flexion/extension MRI. It is used to see you have instability at the CVJ. It was done in an upright MRI and they placed a hard collar around my neck, so I didn't really get a good flexion, the extension was about as far as I could extend considering my fusion. It can pick up if you have greater herniation in either position, it will also pick up if your C2 (or other vertebrae) are pushing into the stem or cord. good luck, hope it gets some answers that help.


I found this site and thought it may be helpful for all. It is from Conquer Chiari. Very interesting. I have found so much on this site that has been helpful. It just takes a little time to search out what you want.