First MRI Results. Any opinions?

FINDINGS:  Midline structures are intact. There is tonsillar beaking with 21 mm of tonsillar ectopia consistent with a Chiari 1 malformation. Prominent perivascular space in the left frontal subcortical white matter is present. There is no acute intracranial hemorrhage, mass effect, or midline shift.  Ventricles are normal in size and configuration.  Gray and white matter tracks are well preserved. There is no evidence of restricted diffusion to suggest acute infarction. The bony calvarium is grossly intact.  The visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are well aerated. 

Sorry, no radiologist or neurosurgeon here. What I tend to suggest is that an MRI report is an excellent way to practice talking to a doctor. A report is something finite, they have read and know something about and it is something that you have read and want to know about. It does not hurt to look up words and familiarize yourself with brain anatomy with pictures and diagrams. Focus on the phrases where something is reported and skip the ones that say things are normal. Reading about the planes of imaging can also be helpful to orientate yourself with the images (frontal/sagittal/horizontal). Otherwise, if you look at images they do not mean anything.

Once you understand what the imaging reveals, it is nice to finish up with a "Where do we go from here" type question or "If you do not think that this imaging reveals anything significant as a cause for my symptoms, what do you think is causing my symptoms and what other testing would be appropriate" Good luck in your medical journey.

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