Finally saw my doc again after diagnosis letter 3 months ago!

My herniation is 20mm!!! So big compaired to most ive seen mentioned here, he asked for every scan from docs the last 3 years and the chiari is on y
those also… he doesnt know why no one spotted before. was also 20mm on other scans so it hasnt grown.

I was giving the 2 options as everyone else. wait and see or surgery… ive chosen wait and see. He has asked to see me again in 12 months, and said if need to inbetween now and that time, i can arrange to see him.

He asked about my headaches and vision I said i will just cope with both. He did say my eye movements have improved since last visit.

He doubts it will get any worse… but it will not get any better

Haha and i had to ask if i can still live to 100 he said chiari wont effect that so yay time to quit smoking!

Hope you are all pain free today!



So glad you were finally diagnosed! My herniation was 18mm with a syrinx and it took 10 years and dozens of MRI's before a radiologist finally caught it---scary, huh? And of course it had been there, the same size the whole time.....but the syrinx had gotten bigger. I waited for almost 2 years after being diagnosed, before I had surgery. Looking back I wish I wouldn't had waited so long (and listened to all 4 NS and 2 NL who told me not to wait long), but I had a lumbar fusion, bone graft and decompression surgery and a cervical fusion prior to my Chiari surgery.

Good luck with everything...and congrats to quitting smoking!! Good for you-that's awesome!

Love and prayers,


Haha yet to quit… still feel stressed yet :frowning:

Hey, the fact that you are even wanting to quit is a start! Try not to stress. Like my husband always says...stressing isn't going to change the outcome, it just makes you sick!

:o) Monique

Haha i say that also… but still cant help it every so often

so hard to decide if I want surgery before it gets bad and i have to get anyway…

He said i have no syrinx but i never asked if he conducted whole spine mri when he did brain…