Finally....I think

I have an appointment with a geneticist on 11/10/14 to screen for EDS. Actually it's a genetic screen for cancer and we're just gonna piggy back EDS on there. My dad, his dad and one of his brothers had prostate cancer. My aunt had some type of cancer because I remember seing the tumor protruding from her chest before it was removed and I think my mom may have had it but she was so secreteive about her health. My sister had a breast biopsy because they found a lump. I don't how that went because we are not close.

So, one part of me thinks that this is a can of worms that should not be opened, Another part of me thinks that if something like that is going on, it s best to find out early to it can be treated. Then another part of me is like. I got enough stuff going on as it is to be worried about another "C" thing.