Feeling out of the Loop Here

Hi Gang,

1st off I need to say a big hello to all our new members!!! So happy you have found this group. It is a wonderful place to come for support and sincere caring....as well as info.

I have been a member for quite some time now. This past year has been a challenge for me. As many of you guys know I had been helping take care of my ill mom..she went to Heaven this past Dec 7th...I am still grieving.

As life has it, curve balls are thrown at us all from time to time....2 mths ago my bro-in-law was Dx'd with Stage 4 colon cancer. He is my bro-in-law...but Jean-O is much more than that..he is my brother in my heart, my dear friend..without boring ya all about our relationship...He and I are as thick as theives and have a long history since he has been in my family.

My sister Geri and 'Brother' live only houses from me..Thank God.

So, I have been overcome with sadness and anxiety , given all that has happened and what is currently going on..not to mention, my own Chiari issues.

That brings me to the title of this discussion.....I have not been on as much as I usually am...I am now completely lost, I feel....I have tried my best to welcome all the newcomers...if I missed anyone....please forgive me...As for the Discussions...I am so overwhemed with all the new topics..I don't know where to start.

I guess I am telling you all this because I don't want anyone here to think that I don't care about our site...and by our site/group....I mean you guys...you are the group..each dear and special.

I will do my very best to get caught up and connect with you guys...but bear with me...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.



I couldn't have said it any better than ChiariWife. Well put! We are all here for eachother, old, new and sometimes absent.

ChiariWife said:

Lori, one of my favorite snowflakes, I love you. I know more than most what has been going on with you and your family.... and I need you to know right now that NO ONE faults you for not being around as much as you have in the past. We're all on this ride called life sweetie, and LIFE has a funny way of happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.... 365 days a year. It never stops and sometimes, by God, it doesn't seem to give breaks. Everyone here understands that, as they too go up and down and round and round on their life ride. We are all here for you, for each other.... and that, my beautiful snowflake, will NEVER change. When everything in your life changes, throws those curve balls (that sometimes smack us right in the side of the head), this community will always remain your constant source of support and understanding.

All my love and HUGE hugs!!


I can't say it any better than others. It sounds like you have enough going on. Sometimes what we need the most is understanding.

Thanks you guys!!!! You are so great!!!!



I am sorry to hear about your brother in law, You have been through a lot emotionally this year. Remember we're here for you. We're all in this together!! You take care of you! We'll all be here when you get back ;)

Chiariwife said it perfectly:) We have never thought that you didn’t care…You are one of the most caring people I’ve ever known:) We love you Lori!