Feeling alone and dismissed

Hi everyone,

I’m having the struggle of a life time here to get medical help. I was diagnosed in October '11 and I have yet to see a neurologist. I have seen one neurosurgeon, who took a grand total of 5 mins to say yep you have Chiari and come back in see me in a year. My biggest problem is my primary doctor doesn’t beleive Chairi is a serious issue. I believe the NS dismissed me as my DR said my only issue was dizziness, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve had symptoms most of my life that have been passed off as one thing or another. Since getting the concussion on Oct’11 my life has been turned upside down. I’ve been turned down by 3 neurologists for far for one reason or another. My PCP still doesn’t beleive Chairi is my issue, despite all the symptoms. In past 6mons i’ve started to lose total feeling on my left side, the headaches can land me in bed for days and most recently I have had 3 seizures. I just dont know what to do anymore. My children need their mommy back, my husband needs his wife. I know most of you will say find a new PCP. Unfortunately, in Canada specificity Ontario that’s almost impossible to do.
Any support and/or advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Amanda aka roofermom

Is there a way to get another appointment with the NS sooner or a second opinion from another NS? Neurologists sadly prove to be little help in most cases so I wouldn't really bother with trying one unless you have to. If you are stuck with your PCP maybe you can just keep stressing how badly you feel and how the symptoms are impacting your life until they relent? Be the squeaky wheel.