Hi everyone…it’s been a long time since Ive posted on here. I’ve been keeping up with you all (stalking the board).

I have a question…does anyone still fall after being decompressed, and pressure at the base of my skull…not pain, but uncomfortable pressure.

I’ve been decompressed for 18 months now, and I’m thinking its time to go see the NS again.

Hi Sslakemom2,

I had decompression surgery on 9/26/2005. I have fallen more times than I can count. I have broken bones, multiple closed concussions, broke my front teeth and even ended up in a creek and drown my cell phone. I was also diagnosed with POTS- Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia. I also have constant Occipital lobe pressure /pain. Sometimes I feel like my head is bolted on to my spine.I would recommend that you follow up with a NS or NL or Pain Mgmt specialist.

I hope you feel better,

Tracy Z.


I am sorry to say that I too have had bouts of falling..my balance is still an issue.

Keep us posted on what it going on..good luck.

I had decompression in 2003 and still fall and lose my balance at times! Ugh!

Thanks everyone! It’s gotten worse over the past few months, and I usually am by myself. Last night I fell at my daughters school after a performance…I really didn’t want to be the grand finale. I tried to play it off, but my girlfriend said that afterwards she was thinking about it and said that I was entirely too calm for someone that went from standing to on the ground that fast! Ugh…and I thought I was playing it cool, not showing that I am a professional!

What about pressure at the base of the skull??? Does anyone get that?

I know what you are talking about. I had decompression June 4th 2012. about 2 weeks ago I fell on my face luckily i didn't break anything :). i was alittle sore. It was early morning and our oldest daughter saw it. I couldnt explain why I fell but I have balance issues. when they had me walk on day 3 post-surgery my balance was way off. I had to have a cane whick I kept. Then a few weeks ago I noticed I was hitting doors, walls, tables and everything else so I took the cane out again. I keep it within reach. I called the NS but they haven't called me back.

I ALMOST fell on my face a few weeks ago...I work for a doctor and I was bending over to pick something up from the floor and started to fall directly on my face. In the nick of time I planted hands down to stop my fall, however it triggered more pain in my neck for days. This was done in front of numerous patients! Great! Yes I do have pressure at the base of my skull.

I’m just clumsy in all I do,I have all kinds of accidents,falling is also one of them.I guess even though the surgery helps some symptoms it’s not a cure all,that’s for sure.

I’m about to have surgery in a week, I don’t understand why yo are falling. Is this some I have to look foward to or is everyone’s symptoms different. Can someone explain?

Everyone has different symptoms. I was falling alot about a year before I had surgery ( a few months before I was diagnosed). It stopped after my surgery, but I started falling occasionally about 6-8 months ago…it’s happening more often now, and it happened at my daughters school event in front of a lot of people so I’m thinking maybe its time to get it checked out.