Failed surgery

I had the decompression surgery a year ago! The pain i used to feel in the back of my head had now shifted to the top of my head and forehead area. I have never had relief! I can’t stop gaining weight and the symptoms are getting worse. I feel numbness down my right arm. I can’t laugh, run, sneeze, bend or do anything strenuous without the headaches reoccurring.I’m so frustrated because all the surgeon does (who was the chief of surgery) is look at the cat scan and say everything looks fine. I don’t feel fine. The only relief I get is when i lay down. What else can I do? The doctors are bouncing me around from doctor to doctor and nobody seems to know what to do.

Have you had a CINE MRI post-op to see if the flow of csf have been restored? Did they open the dura during your surgery? I think your NS should definitely do follow-up testing on your headache.