Experiencing a new kind of headache…

Hi, Chiarians!

I had brain decompression and removal of first vertebrae in July of 2018. Symptoms have returned along with a new kind of headache. This headache started a couple of weeks ago…it’s like a knife stabbing my eyes, my nostril and ears. The pain comes from the top down. When it first started it knocked me off my butt for about 5 days. Today, it is dull until I either move my head a certain way, bend down, look up, heck, I’ve even just been sitting talking to someone and it can bring me down. I am back at work this week . I hope I can make it all week.

Anyways, just wondering if any other fellow Chiarians have experienced a similar headache.


Might want to check out muscle triggers as a source of head and neck pain. THere is an excellent resource titled

“The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief” by Clair Davies.

It guides your through treatment of whatever body part ails you. As trigger referral patterns can be crazy, they can explain pain for pain patterns that leave other medical folk stumped and treating you like you are crazy! Works great and you can do the work yourself.


Hi, Gabby Jazzpants!

Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll check it out!