Essential Oils


Does anyone out there us essential oils for medicinal purposes? If so which ones do you use.



Hi Lori,
I have recently been learning about these. My family purchased the physicians kit. I use lavender to help with sleep and I was told Frankincense helps with Chiari on the spine and a few drops under the tongue. Also to do Truman’s neurological protocol but I haven’t done that yet as it calls for oils that are very pricy. When I get home I can look them up. Hope this helps.


Wow, thank you for all the info. There is so much to learn about oils.

My sister in law has an diffuser that she puts lavendar in for sleep and stress and eucalyptus when my nephew is having asthma issues.

I use tea trea oil for wounds and pimples. I have also done oil cleansing for my face. Sounds counterproductive but it actually helps oily or acne prone skin! There are different mixes depending on what your face needs. I'm oily and prone to breakouts so I use castor, olive, apricot, and a tiny bit of tea tree.

With the more common use of essential oils has anyone had recent experiences using them for pain and inflammation? Peppermint and eucalyptus oil was really helping my neck and head but I just read that heavy use of oils topically (I was applying them every couple hours) can thin the blood which would be very bad for up coming surgery! Anyone have any knowledge or experience with essential oil dos and don’t s?

I use clary sage topically on my daughter’s (and entire family really) forehead and neck for headaches. Lavender for sleep and general relaxation. Tea tree is great for skin and also scalp issues. That’s just a few. I also use diffusers in my home.