ER ? Waste of time?

I have a month before I see the neurologist… The pain is horrendous, over the counter meds don’t help, nothing is helping… Am I wasting my time by going to the ER? I feel desperate for anything; relief, answers… Just anything at this point.

Agreed, go. We need a break sometimes. You know when youre reaching your limit. I’m sorry you are feeling so terrible :frowning:


Go,I just spent 2 days in the hospital and went thru emergency,I was allmost screaming the pressure in my head was soooo bad.It took a whole day to get my pain down to a 7.Any releaf form the pain is worth it.I feel so bad your in pain.



Thank you all for the advice. I chose not to go right now, mostly because I'm stubborn. I've always had this paranoia that the ER won't help me unless I'm dying.. So I usually won't go.

Pappiledema is actually how I found out I had Chiari. After multiple visit to my regular doctor about Migraines, she found I had pretty severe Papilledma in both eyes, so she sent me for the MRI which is when we discovered the Chiari.

Hi RoseMommy, I am wondering how your neurology appointment went?