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Employment yay!


Hi everyone!!! I just have to have a little celebration finally! after 5 years of dealing with full blown chiari,surgery etc I am now EMPLOYED!!!.There is hope people!!! im kinda scared cause I don’t know how I will cope but omg!!! it feels so nice to know that I can still work and earn money it has just lifted my spirits so much.I cannot wait to start.


Excellent. Good for you. Hope it all works out.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Hey @thebrainsurgerychick ! Glad to hear you are employed! So happy for you and your new adventure :smile: ! What will you be doing with your new job? It can be scary and exciting with working a new job. I had Chiari Decompression brain surgery the end of 2016, it was terrifying returning to work. Taking it day by day and always pacing yourself helps a lot :grinning:! Also, ended up getting a standing desk at work and it helps a lot. You can get standing desk through insurance based on your diagnoses. Good luck with starting your new job, you are going to be fabulous!



Thankyou I hope all goes well to im a preschool teacher Im so nervous as I am worried about the little ones accidently wacking the back of my head but that’s ok I have a lovely supportive environment and I think im going to absolutely fine.Fingers crossed that I don’t crash and burn.I need to pace myself and listen to my body.The good thing about preschool is they have a really good structured routine and its a calm nurturing environment they also have nap times so I can sit down in a quiet space to rest if I need to.Also there is no preschool on weekends so im very lucky to have the weekends and I litrally live up the street from my place of employment so I don’t have to do a long commute to work.I live in a rural country town in Australia so most people including my fiancé travel for at least 60 minutes a day to and from work.I actually feel very lucky and fortunate that I got this position because the commute through shadows and flashing trees in the car is what sets me off a lot of the time.And is it just me or does anyone have major! car anxiety like I am seriously the worst passenger im just like so hyper aware its like my panic button is on all the time.


Yea that hyper awareness with driving was pretty normal for me. Prior to surgery I drove everywhere. I worked in clients homes, driving to each one, so travelling 1000k’s plus a week was normal. Then to hand the driving on to someone else was not easy. I became the world’s worst backseat driver ever lol Luckily I’ve had my licence renewed and can drive.
I too have massive issues with light flashing through the trees. I live about 15k’s from the nearest shop. Early evening, just as the sun is going down, I can’t drive to the shop and back home as that drive gives me a wicked headache.

‘Pacing self’ can be a HUGE thing. Prior to surgery I had 2 speeds, full throttle and stopped. I tried to maintain that post surgery but couldn’t, now some days I’m lucky to be able to even get to 1/2 throttle and had a real battle with myself to accept that I could no longer go at my former pace. Regulating my activity has been very foreign and I hate it, but the reality of it is that I have no choice. My body tells me “Lay down or I’ll put you down…” And it puts me down HARD. If I over do it today, I can find myself bedbound tomorrow.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Congratulations! :heart_eyes: Xx


Awww that is super exciting, I’m so happy for you. Just take things one step at a time and pace yourself. No different than how you recovered from your Chiari surgery. Congratulations, the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life :grinning: