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First moments being with people who might understand! Does anyone else cry at very small issue’s? I had decompress surgery 14 yrs ago, and find that I tear up over smaller and smaller issues. Idk if it’s Chiari related or just strange aging symptoms. I have dealt with the pain and can navigate the daily cognitive issues, but this is weird. Thanks for your help John


I find myself in same spot. It may or may not be chiari related- we all want answers and wish we could put everything neatly into a "chiari: box. I do know depression and anxiety have been found via studies to be related. Go figure! Acceptance that you have a disorder that is life-changing can sometimes help- try not to be too hard on yourself! It’s a long journey and each successful step you take- give yourself credit!

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Thanks for the kind words. I just found out I have a tumor the size of a walnut between my shoulder blade and spine, surprisingly enough I could care less! Maybe we Chiarins expect the worst when we have A mri? And maybe that is why we run in the red on every day events. PTSD… Should that be added to the Frustrating list of Junk CM brings with it?

Hi. I wonder if it could be this:

Pseudobulbar affect is the latest name for a neurological condition also known as emotional lability, reflex crying and involuntary emotional expression disorder, among others. PBA occurs as a result of neurological diseases such as: Stroke .

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Which might be why or explain, the TIAs (minstrokes) due to compression, and those are hand in hand sx?

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Makes lots of sense. What I am experiencing is out of control :exploding_head:

I’ve seen commercials about it so when I saw your post it sounded just like what the commercials say. It can be uncontrollable laughing or crying. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Have you told your doctor?

I am SO very NOT a crier…but I find myself tearing up lately. I have been attributing it to the current situation with Covid (being high risk is also a factor for me) and the political chaos in the US. Depression and anxiety are very prominent now per my docs and reports. Seems understandable. And then we add serious chronic disease, I would think it would add another layer.

Then again, maybe years of pent up tears (I am nearly 65) need to flow? Some people say they feel better after a cry…always gets my headache going rally bad.

I try to get outside and remember what it is I love about life - the natural world and my place in it. The chaotic rhythms of life and death, pain and joy, play and strife seem more comforting than the contrived and politicized life we humans are stuck with.

I will need to come up with another plan as winter approaches though, I tend to winter blues now that I live in VT.

Your not alone. I’m 63, Male, and 14 years post from my 2nd decompression surgery.

I also find that I will tear up, plus feel emotional at moments that don’t call for that emotion. When it happens, the feeling becomes overwhelming and I have found best to seek a quite spot, and not fight it. Afterwards I usually am very tired, with little energy left.

Good news it does past and once I stopped over thinking it. It became a smaller issue, haven’t experienced in a few weeks. No idea what triggers it. Don’t let it control you, that’s the best I can offer you.

Thank that’s exactly what is going on