Email sent to Neurosurgeon today

After speaking with you during our appointment on 10/15, I was left in disarray and concerned. I am in pain most days and the most normal things people take advantage of in life, I can't enjoy.

I am not getting any direct answers from my primary. He tells me he is not an expert in the area of Chiari Malformation so he is not sure if my symptoms are from this. Based upon our discussion, you too did not seem so sure. I know very little on this "disorder" and would not have brought it up if it weren't for my boyfriend remembering it from a prior report. Upon looking it up, I realize that I have many of the symptoms but also know that these symptoms can also be related to a number of other issues. I also know that if every problem isn't looked at as a whole, no one will know if they are truly linked.

Here are my symptoms:
Headache (starts in back of head, feels like someone is punching me) (pain radiates to eyes, making it difficult to see) (brought on from basic functions like laughing, sneezing, etc)
Shortness of breath (more tightness in chest, feels like someone is sitting on me) (per Cardiologist heart is fine)
Tinnitus (doesn't happen often, but occurs suddenly)
Difficulty swallowing (trouble swallowing food, medications) (big gulps needed to get water and saliva down)
Numbness/Tingling in hands and feet (EMG done and was told no neuropathy)
Cold feeling in hands and feet (finger tips and toes have been ice cold to the touch)
in legs and feet (if I sit for longer than 45 minutes, legs and feet swollen. witnessed by others)
Burning sensation
in legs (periodically, use cool compresses to help)
Neck and shoulder pain (making assumption this is due to neck surgeries)
Memory loss (short term memory gone)
Seizures (according to doctors, no epilepsy - unsure of what is causing seizures)

Per our conversation, you told me the malformation is not significant in size and was wondering if it is possible for symptoms to be present in individuals with small malformations? Also, is it likely for an individual with a significant malformation to have no symptoms? How would we know for certain if my problems are from the Chiari Malformation or from something else? I am looking for all my options at this point. I am struggling to make ends meet and would like to get my life and Accounting career back. Any help or feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.