Elevated temperature

Okay, at my postoperative appointment this week, the NP said if my temperature got to 100 (when docs consider it aka fever) to call her or the nurse on-call because last weeken it got close.

Well, tonight (this morning) I woke from a nap and figured I’m running fever because of how I feel. Temperature is 99.6, so not really a fever.

But, I’m also on Percocet, which has acetaminophen in it. I’m wondering if this is what is keeping my temperature from being a real fever.

Has anyone gone through this? Am I stressing myself over virtual nothing and this is my body’s way to heal?


Cole, how are you doing?

Did you call the doctor? Let us know how you are doing!

Sorry, I ended up calling the on call doctor last night, and it happened to actually be my surgeon. I talked to him on the phone last night because I had the elevated temperature, but my incision was swollen, red and warm to the touch. He said he was okay waiting until today to go see him or his NP, whoever had room.

I went in today and of course the incision looked perfectly normal.

However, today I woke up feeling like I had the flu or something, I just ached everywhere. When I said that, she asked about my throat and looked at it and felt the lymph nodes.

I was told the incision is okay but if it becomes an issue again let them know. I was also told their is a weird strain of strep throat going around...little to no sore throat, little to no fever, achey all over, headache, swollen lymph nodes. Other than the swollen lymph nodes in the front of my neck (I have one swollen in the back of my neck) I have every one of those symptoms. So, she put me on antibiotics for the next 10 days because she does not want it to turn into something major with me being 4 weeks post-op. So, antibiotics just in case.

I go back in a week to make sure everything is okay.