Eenie meenie minie moe - My Chiari or My Malformation

Few weeks back I had a MRI and I've not gotten around to share that it was discovered that my malformation that removed in 2006 has returned.

I had surgery on this because it was a big bleeder and located in my right frontal lobe. Not Chiari related.

However now as I was trying to figure out all my pressure pain, eye pressure, dizziness, vertigo, etc etc. It's hard to say what is causing what.

However it appears that I'm going to the right place at the Chiari Center in Milwaukee. Dr. Hefftz from what I've read not only specializes in Chiari but vascular and tumors as well. So I'm feeling even better about going up there!

It's hard because I can't take Aleve anymore, no motrin or anything that thins my blood! I REALLY liked Aleve for my neck pain! It helped deal with swelling and pain! It's been rough being without that! Today was a steroids day! So tonight is a sleepless night!

Just wanted to share an update, we go up there January 8th and 9th. I'm blessed with two rare brain defects ;)

Hi there, I’m just leaving WI from a visit with Heffez. He and staff are super nice! My consultation went well and I got the news I was hoping for. I have 2-3 week trial with a neck brace, if that doesn’t do the trick ill have the surgery. Pretty excited!!

Good luck with your appt.

Jenn d