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Ear pounding

June 28th of 2018 was my decompression. 5 days ago I began having a pounding that was random in my left ear.primary put me on 5mg valium. It’s not helping. However the pounding is now not random it’s more like a heart beat.
Its driving me crazy…primary trying to figure it out.ive put a call into the NS. Anyone else have this ? And can anything be done to get rid of it?
Thanks y’all

Hey Whoooowl,
I’m Merl from the modsupport team. My surgeries have not been decompression related, but have been neurosurgical all the same. This is something that occurs for me rather often. My primary sent me to a cardiologist after the neuro ruled it out as being related although I had no issue prior to surgery. The cardio has given me a heart med which has reduced it somewhat, not fixed it I must admit, but it is more bearable now.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Do you have an E.N.T., I would definitely have that checked out.

Hearing your heartbeat in your ear can either be completely “normal” or a sign of a blockage in your carotid artery that runs through your neck. This is why when people hear it to the point where it is very loud, they need to have a Doppler test done to check their carotid artery. It is no big deal but your PCP should have ordered this already. This is why folks are referred to cardiologists to make sure there are no blockage issues. Most of the time it turns out to be nothing of significance, just irritating but you need to rule things out.

I will keep trying to get answers. I’m concerned it could be something serious but nowadays most docs ,pas just dont do much…Medicaid dictates …and Problem I dont have a pcp.i had to fire my last .she took me off my pain me after 19 years of methadone not even instructing me to wean. With maybe approx 7 pills…so know I see a p a at a free type clinic.its very very difficult to get a doc here in my area. I’ve even been told to move !.well cant…need a miracle of $$$ for that…thank you