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Ear fluid

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed if there is inflammation in neck/ base of head, you are getting fluid in your ears? It seems to be worse when laying down and clears up, once I get up and moving around. I say when there is inflammation because I ran out of my anti-inflammation meds and now have this issue. I am 3.5 years post decompression surgery. One year after surgery I had to have ear tube placed to relive fluid. I feel this is part of Chiari.

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I actually have the same concern and am due for surgery this Monday-was wondering if decompression would fix this and am yet to find why this is happening or what can be done to fix it…Its mainly just an annoyance to me because it feels like water is draining from my ears and that adds to the already frustrating sleep apnea.

I remember complaining about what I thought was ear fluid and pain in my right ear. Doctor’s always looked but found nothing. It turns out that I had some muscle triggers in some muscles around that area - sternocleidomastoid? scalenes? I can’t remember. Maybe anti-inflammatories helps those muscles.

I do know that working on those muscles banished the funny ear fluid feeling and the ear pain. Turns out I was holding my head funny, had previous car accidents, and had weak neck muscles from inactivity and keeping my head still because of the Chiari symptoms that worsened with neck movements. I got the information from a Muscle Trigger Workbook by Davies. It is cheap and easily available on line.

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fist off-- GOOD LUCK to your surgery. As for the ear fluid surgery did not fix that annoying issue. It really only “acts up” when I don’t take the anit- inflammatory regularly. I had decompression surgery back in 2016, it really helped for a few years. I would defiantly do it again if I needed. it helped most of the debilitating pains from chiari.
Hope all goes good for you. Prayers to you.

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Thank you so much-your wise words are encouraging.I’ll have to remember the inflammatory idea for future reference if this fluid keeps up.