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Eagle syndrome & chiari malformation?


Hi all,

Question for you all......

Can anyone tell me if they have been diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome? I just got the diagnosis and will see the surgeon on Jan. 20th. Is this common among our Chiari Family or just another rare medical diagnosis that causes horrible pain and the only resolution is surgery??

All responses appreciated!

Blessings in your 2016


Hello Aflacnme, I don't think we've met on the site before ... I'm Jules in the UK. Since you last posted we have closed the main blog board although members personal blogs are still on their page. As I result your post may not get many views so I'd recommend that you re-post as a discussion.

In the meantime the subject of CM and ES has come up before and HERE is the search result. Did you know that Ben's Friends also has an ES community? If you are interested in joining that community then you will see the link in the list of BF's Communities toward the bottom right of this site ... I'll look out for you there.

Kindest, Jules


Ah good, I see you've found the ES community :-)