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Duke Hospital or No?


Thank you all for your kind words. I was diagnosed yesterday with CM and am currently waiting for my appt to Duke Hospital where they plan to discuss treatment options. I am wanting to know if anyone has had any experience with Duke in this area or if there is any other Hospital or Dr around me that is recommended?


Faith214, there is a list of member recommended doctors under the “doctors” tab at the top of the page, you might find some options there. Glad you are here.



Since we are only talking positive things here, I can not comment on Duke; however; Dr. Michael Rosner in Hendersonville,NC is associated with the Chiari Institute of NY


Dear Faith,
I have lived in NC for 8 years - and have always heard that Duke was great for pediatric Chiari’s decompression surgery. I had my decompression surgery done In Hendersonville under Dr.Michael Rosner. I highly recommend him! He does nothing but Chiari/ neck/ Central nervous system surgeries. He was the one who told me he will only take patients 18 years old and up - and that he sends any patients younger than 18 over to Duke.

        Other than that,  I have met a handful of minors who had Chiari decompression surgery done at Duke - and they all did very well.